Tsipras, dritsas were acquired and the evil of our root [video]

Writes the Letta Καλαμαρα
Lost Smyrna is gone, and the Piraeus. Every port and sorrow. Every heartache and…
betrayal. The one given by Gounaris to the Turks, the other the Debt to the Chinese. A Greek could not be found to save a Greek port.
All of the price attached, the pieces of silver in the national purchase agreement.
Proud and smiling Alexis Tsipras brought to the Greek people and made him a servant to the Chinese until 2052 and we’ll see. Only with gunboats would surrender the port of Piraeus Alexis Tsipras but the chair of the power to make you forget. Leonidas was a Nightmare and the “Come and get It” “selling for cash”. What you don’t understand and you poor native Greek eagle scout is?
Political caricature and the Minister of shipping mr. dritsas were acquired which denounces the Prime minister signed an agreement that will not contribute to the development of the port. I don’t understand the ignorant that Alexis Tsipras is relentless. Performs civil and διαπομπεύει social one of his Ministers is sufficient to secure on the eve of a phony power. Historically retarded it turns out the Greek Minister on the state of the tyrants.
To the Chinese the port, the Germans airports nothing for the Greeks it’s not. A society steeped in intrigue and baksheesh dopey wide-eyed one seeks the best fire sale. No one wants the fatigue, the ταμάχι, no freedom. Better a life of obedient messengers in spite of a day’s laborious creative life. All of the SOES running at a loss, all the Greek businessmen incomplete, all the Greek migrant workers in their country.
This is the responsible national policy of mr Tsipras and Burning. The Independent Greeks national sell-out. Nothing more, nothing new. A Greece of thousands of years ραγιάδων to foreign lenders. From the English loans of the Revolution and the τοκοχρεολύσια of the unfortunate war of 1897 until the treasonous Memoranda and Alexis Tsipras of the extension of slavery in the most rich country.
All selected for the national crime, all self-serving and incompetent. Everyone is addicted to. No hope, only πουλημένες silk ribbons.
Asked Greek…