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Tsipras and the memorandum of terrorism [video]

Writes the Θεοδωροβία Fun
See and remember all the Greeks…
what reasons made in the Greek parliament, Alexis Tsipras, president of Syriza and judge him where he is now, a δοτός Prime lenders, and foreign absolutely of interest.
Yes, Alexis Tsipras, all Greeks are in the streets and in the bars because of the destructive policy.
Yes, Alexis Tsipras, the farmers have already thrown at them and with them has risen, the entire Greek society.
This uprising is called the revolution,Alexis.
Only one hypnotized he couldn’t understand.
Yes, Alexis Tsipras, have done, and will go down in history, as responsible for the annihilation of your people.
Yes, Alexis Tsipras, the ones where you say and blame in the House all the former traitors, you did trish worse.
Yes, Alexis Tsipras, will be punished all in the long run,but you still more, why were you talking to for memorandum of terrorism in the House , voted for the prime Minister of Greece to tear up the memoranda, and to get better the standard of living of citizens of yours and you have proved to be the most dangerous μνημονιακός terrorist prime Minister of Greece.
Leader in waiting,a leftist oppressor and μνημονιακός terrorist προέκυψες.
For the oppressors, however, Alexis come with coups, not with the vote of 62% of the society.
Look at you,disgusted you, where in your 40 years, you dare to fool and to deceive the people.
The objectives and expectations you had?
With those dreams you were growing up?
Really how much longer will we feed and we pay the quartet of the lenders, πτωχευμένοι Greeks?
Get rid of them if you have guts!
Six years where we bow the knee, everybody would have a national currency, and now where I write these lines I have and development!
Alexis Tsipras failed miserably with the lenders,after they left after the ultimate break with the tragic government.
You leave empowered with the dot failed!
You have all proven very inferior to the circumstances!
Alexis Tsipras and “other relatives”, the leaders and the governments they vote on laws and legislation, which are not resulting chaos to their citizens.
You Alexis Tsipras and the company, on the contrary brought terror and chaos in the society and have managed in one year to become the Συριζαίοι the most obnoxious and αντιδημοφιλείς rulers within and outside the walls!
I would advise Alexis and company, not to test the endurance of Greek citizens,probably because I don’t have a sense of evil, where you have a cause,since most of the anger against you is not held!

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