Tsakloglou: ‘Probable’ the performance of insurance capacity under a certain amount of debt

The Deputy Minister of Labour, Mr. Panos Tsakloglou, is likely to consider the return to the debtors of the EPKA with debts below a certain amount. In detail, Mr. Tsakloglou, speaking in “Parapolitan FM”, said in relation to those who have regulated debts and appear uninsured (p.r. and thus have no insurance capacity) on the EPKA platform, that “there seems to be such a problem”. More specifically, he said that “many people have cleared their debts but there may be a very small amount unpaid and that was why he showed them as if the EPKA had no insurance capacity. We will probably go to an arrangement corresponding to what we have on insurance and tax information, that is, under a certain amount even if there is a debt, insurance will be provided.”