Trump posted a video showing Biden hand-tied – Anger from Democrats

The president’s election team today accused him of inciting “political violence”, after the latter published a video showing an image of the president tied handfoot. “This image that Donald Trump posted is the kind of stupidity that one publishes when he calls for ‘blood-sucking’,” campaign spokesman Joe Biden denounced in his announcement today, referring to recent Republican comments. “Trump systematically motivates political violence and it’s time for people to take him seriously,” the spokesman stressed, recalling Trump’s first term ended with the attack on the Capitol by hundreds of his supporters. The former president yesterday posted a video on his social networking network Truth Social showing two cars moving on a road. The vehicles are filled with flags and stickers in Trump’s favor. At the back door of the second vehicle, a van, there is an image showing the president of the United States lying on the side and roped to his hands and feet. A post condemned by Democrats, seen as another example of Trump’s increasingly violent rhetoric, candidate in the November presidential election. Biden and Trump, who faced the 2020 presidential election, are believed to get their parties’ nomination for the presidential nomination in the coming election. Donald Trump’s election team rejected the Democratic charges. The Democrats “not only call horrible to petty violence against President Trump and his family. They arm the judicial system against him,” said Stephen Chung’s spokesman, referring to the legal cases in which the Republican is being prosecuted. Known for his deliberate incendiary rhetoric, Trump has intensified his extreme and aggressive statements in recent months. Among other things, he has said that the American economy will become a “slaughter” if he is not elected, he has said that immigrants “poison the blood” of the country while committing to “exterminate communists, Marxists, fascists and bullies of the radical left”, calling them “parasites”.

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