Train from Chalkida to Athens impacted a fallen tree in Agios Stefanos

He dropped it on a tree that was on the rails at St. Stephen’s height. None of her 110 passengers were injured… The 1547 train running a route from Chalkida to Athens struck, at noon on Sunday (31/03) on a fallen tree, on the rails, at the height of Agios Stefanos, resulting in the train being immobilized. Long delays are expected with a crew being alerted to remove the tree. There is reportedly no passenger and staff injury. Due to the conflict significant delays are expected. At the point he rushes a crew to remove the fallen tree and the train can continue its journey. Train 1547 (Halcis – Athens) struck a fallen tree on the line at the height of Agios Stefanos, resulting in its immobilization. There is no injury to passengers and personnel. Major delays are expected. — Hellenic Train (@HellenicTrain) Inside the train were 110 passengers and everyone is well in their health.