Traffic signs: What letters and which are not used means

Cars and motorcycles in Greece use letters A, B, E, Z, H, I, K, M, N, O, R, T, Y and X, which are common in Greek and Latin alphabets. In the current system, signs for cars consist of three letters and four numbers and have the form XXX-0000. On motorcycles, respectively, the signs consist of three letters and one to three numbers and have the forms XXX-0, XXX-00 and XXX-000. The first two letters represent the county, more precisely the Department of Transport and Communications of the Prefecture, where the sign was issued or indicate a special category. The newest signs “European type”, from 2004 onwards, on the left have a blue field with the European flag and the international car mark of Greece (GR). In Attica, the first letter of the combination XX-0000 is B, Z, I, O, Y, H. The B corresponds to Eastern Attica, Z to Athens, Piraeus and Eastern Attica, I and O to Athens, Y to Athens, West and Eastern Attica, and X to Athens. In Thessaloniki, the first letter of the combination XXX-0000 is the N.In the combinations groups of Attica and Thessaloniki, the third letter follows the alphabetical order A, B, E, Z, H, I, K, M, N, O, R, T, Y, H. In the other prefectures, the alphabetical order is not followed faithfully. The following list contains all groups of combinations of plates following the XX-0000 system (where X is a character (gram) from A, B, E, Z, H, I, K, M, N, O, R, T, Y, X, and where 0 is one of the digits 0 to 9). OR Evia (Halkida): HA, EH, EI Eurytania (Karpenisi): KI Zakynthos: ZA, ZB Ilia (Tower): H.A., U.E.E.E. Imathia (Veroa): HM, EX Heraklion: HR, EK, HZ, HH, HI, HT Thesprotia (Egyptitsa): HN Thessaloniki: NA, NB, NE, NZ, ΝΗ, NI, NK, NM, NN, NO, NR, D, NY, Ioannina: IN, II Kavala: KB, AV Karditsa: KA, MK Kastoria: Kt Corfu: KT, ET, TB, TE Kefalonia (Argostoli): KEK Kilkis: KI, CH Kozani: KZ, MZ, MV Corinthia: KR, RV Cyclades (Myrmoupoli): EM, EZ, EN, O Lakonia (Spart): AK, MR Larisa:RI, RR, RT Lassithi (Agios Nikolaos): AN, AE Lesvos (Myline): MY, MTSVOS (Myrina Limnos): Non Lefkada: EY Magnesia (Volos): BO, BB, BA, BT Messinia (Kalamata): KM, MZ Xanthi: AH, HO Pella (Edessa): EU, M. Pieria (Katerini): KN, TI Preveza: RZ, TX Rethymno: R, RH Rodopi (Komoti): KO, KK, TO Samos: MO, M.B. Serres: ER, IX Trikala: TK, TN Fotida (Lamia): MI, HY Florina: RA Fokida (Amphissa): AM Halkidiki (Pogyros): HC, MA Chania: HN, HB, TY Chios: XI, HO What letters we will never see is worth noting that not all letters are available. More specifically, capital characters that are common in both Greek and Latin alphabets are used exclusively. So we do not see car signs with the letters ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘H’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘F’, ‘P’, ‘H’.