Traffic checks: Violator 1 in 3 drivers – 24 in justice, 306 calls in a 24-hour period

At least one in three drivers violates the Road Traffic Code, as demonstrated by the checks carried out from Monday (1.1.2024). A total of 990 vehicles (510 cars, 18 trucks and 462 motorcycles) were checked and 330 infringements were found in Attica. Police officers referred 24 drivers to justice after checks, “cut off” 306 calls, went on to immobilise 24 vehicles and removed 79 licenses, 61 driver’s licenses and signs in 35 cases. Most infringements concerned the non-use of helmets (74) and safety belt (44). Four drivers were spotted breaking the red signal, six doing dangerous maneuvers, four demonstration of ability, and 27 breaking regulatory signs. The total number of vehicles that had not been ‘passed’ was 18, while 147 other infringements were found.