Traffic broom in fun shops for illegal parking – 4 arrests

Operation “scoupa” made Attica Traffic Address on Saturday night (30.03.2024) in order to illegally locate parking of entertainment shops, The result of the controls at the entertainment shops was the arrest of four people in Kolonaki, of which three were picking up the vehicles and one was the temporary manager of the store that had illegally occupied space as a parking lot for customers. The arrested received the vehicles of customers entering the shops, handed over to them numbered clippings and then placed a clipping on the vehicles then parking them on roads, sidewalks, etc. public spaces. On leaving the stores, drivers for a fee and without proof received the keys to their vehicles. The arrestees were led, in the context of the self-evident process, by the documents drawn up against them, to the Attorney of the Hellenic Republic. At the same time, relevant services were updated for their own further actions.

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