Total dominance of RES in electricity generation in the last week

Macrone first form of power generation are now the ones in our country’s electrical system. According to data from the Energy Exchange, their share of the domestic mix rose in the last week from 37% to 53%, while natural gas from 16% to 40%. In these seven days the RES was consistently the first source in the system, with the second gas and lignite being well below 0.2-8.5%. If the percentage of RES is added to hydroelectrics, then green production increases another 3-4 percent. Increased production of wind and photovoltaics significantly reduced wholesale prices the week we passed. It is indicative that from EUR 67 per megawatt hour at 27.3 then withdrew from EUR 33 to 54. In fact, for six consecutive days zero power values were observed at noon, when photovoltaic production peaks. This phenomenon is a headache for the RES producers themselves, as IPTO is forced to order them to cut production. According to an analysis by Professor AUTH, Pantelis Biska, on Saturday (23.3.2024) cuts were made and further extended on Sunday reaching 2.5 gigawatts nationwide that day. On Monday there were cuts of 1,200 – 1,300 megawatts at noon, while on Thursday (28.3.2024) there were still 500 – 600 megawatts of cuts. This year the cuts have increased significantly over previous years, which strengthens the need to add storage units. These stations will guard the extra energy of the afternoon for use at other times of the day.