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(Title)  Stores remind people that the descriptions “People and Mouse” by author John Steinbeck. Hellish prisons, which the prisoners stacked one above another. Zero recognition rates of asylum for people in countries at risk. World Refugee Day today and the picture in three detention centers in Pagani Lesvos Venna in the Rodopi and Evros is guardhouse apokardiotiki.Ekei but the picture beyond all limits are at the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos “. Group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) who visited the police station at the airport a month ago recorded images of horror! Some 300 undocumented migrants and asylum seekers were overcrowded in a very small room without ventilation, without access to health services, without interpreters and information on legal issues for a period of over 40 days and?
As mentioned in the ‘Sunday Nation’ Mr. St. Veizis, responsible support of MSF and a member of the team was there, in the barracks were about 300 people, including 21 children from 3 to 12 years, four infants and pregnant women, two .

«In one of the detention facilities consisting of nine cells, each a capacity of three people, saw 130 men who were over each other due to lack of space,” says Mr . Veizis. ‘Forced to sleep on blankets on the floor, if and when there was room to lie down.
In two other areas of the police station where the detained asylum seekers being deported immigrants and families with children, the conditions were equally difficult for the prisoners. In … larger space, which is used for families in three rooms for 8-12 persons, detained 155 people (!).
Despite the extremely poor sanitary conditions of the migrants have no access to basic necessities and personal hygiene such as soaps , detergents, baby diapers, which further exacerbates an already difficult situation.
«Our group has distributed to all prisoners toiletries (soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes). The medical needs were recorded as large and immediate, as there is no doctor to visit on a daily basis jails, after the two-month medical intervention KEELPNO implemented the previous months, “said Mr. Veizis.
“The relevant departments should take immediate action to resolve the problem of overcrowding, lack of basic personal hygiene items and medical care in detention facilities in general and specifically immigrant detention at the airport».

“put me in the boat along with many more. The boat does not isorropouse, but we were pushed to many people inside. Some did not know swimming and lost, not knowing if found. We were 50 people, but we had only 13 against. We do not think when we get to live on the other side. ” The description of Milant from Palestine are the same for many other immigrants trying to cross the Turkish borders.
He was lucky, managed to arrive alive at the detention center Orestiada and a little embarrassing now inhumane living conditions. During the visit the delegation of the High Commissioner in the region, three corpses washed up from the Evros. “It was the most striking moment of our mission … Three young people lost their lives so unjustly …», agree.
«The economic crisis in Greece has been affected and local authorities are struggling to manage the flow of immigrants,” says Katy Kehagioglou, responsible inform the High Commissioner. “During our stay there, we have complaints about the hygiene conditions for food, and the doctor, although there did not see them as we have said».
The detention of Evros, the average stay is ten days. From there are the first applications for legal papers. “Few refugees say because the proceedings are slow and they stay longer in detention. Even children are adults in order to leave quickly, “explains Stella Nanos from UNHCR. After this, most leave for Thessaloniki and Athens. To address short tails in P. Ralli, the squalid living conditions in apartment buildings of the center, the fear of the authorities and never-ending process to no avail …

labyrinthine procedures, committees need a quorum to discuss not meet ever, applications for asylum once a week … The need for radical restructuring of the asylum procedure, with removal of powers from the police and transferred to a new independent political body, with sufficient and adequately trained staff, proposed by the UN High Commissioner.
According to UNHCR, the for refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied children in our country remains chaotic. Some have even worse issues such as access to the Petrou Ralli, the timing of the interviews, the refugee recognition rates, housing issues and welfare.
«And we continue to remain stagnant or worse, the efforts for institutional changes are underway and will take time not accompanied by immediate measures to address problems in practice, “says the head of the Greek office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees George Tsarmpopoulos. The MD Considers most appropriate body to join the new Asylum Service is the Home Office.
«To be established and staffed the new structures, a key process is the immediate and effective response to the situation in Attica Aliens Department. Currently, access is not possible for the majority of asylum seekers, “explains Mr. Tsarmpopoulos.
« We need to strengthen personal and interpretation, the receipt and recording of all requests, the interviews take place in a short time be given a fair instance decisions with sufficient reasons, to a significant increase in rates granted refugee status and subsidiary protection ».

In a key gateway for nearly 10,000 refugees and immigrants from January until now, the Ebro, s delegation of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “The number is four times compared to last year,” says Katy Kehayioglou, Communication Officer of UNHCR. “We visited the outpost of Evros and the detention center Orestiada, Agiasos Lesbos where there is a reception center and Petrou Ralli here in Athens.
The worst situation was in the capital. Nothing works in relation to the refugee. ” Despite the dangers, hundreds of Afghans, Iraqis, Georgians, Somalis, Palestinians, Eritreans arriving in Greece. Unlike the Evros the number increases, the number of those arriving in the islands from the Turkish coast, is under the Harbour-fall.

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