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    Girl Saves 2 Kids and Puppy from Fire – Three children, a boy and a girl, both 10, and the girl were home alone when the fire ignited, the Palm Beach Post reported. Capt. Don DeLucia said the fire filled the home with smoke … [read more]

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    Daniel Radcliffe Not ‘Comfortable’ Being A Role Model – MTV The transition from child star to adult star often comes with some hiccups. In a recent interview with GQ, “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe admit… [read more]

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    US: Gerber shifts spreading systems’ production to China – There are various access options to choose from. All provide instant access to the latest news, insight and expert analysis. US-based Gerber Technology is… [read more]

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    RUSH, TALK RADIO’S ‘TRUTH DETECTOR,’ BLOWS A FUSE AGAIN – American Reporter BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — It wasn’t unusual that Rush Limbaugh went ballistic on his show, Nov. 13. He does that several times a day. It… [read more]

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    Lily Allen Says Stars Take Speed to Stay Thin – Popcrush In America, everyone abuses that Adderall stuff and people aren’t normal,” Allen said. Allen is not pointing the finger at others in a bitchy way, either. She points the fin… [read more]

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    ABC-TV: OSCAR-WORTHY, BUT JOURNALISTICALLY UNSOUND – American Reporter BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — The last segment on every Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer” is a “Person of the Week… [read more]

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    Should Cincinnati help small developers in OTR? – The Business Journal At a time when the Cincinnati city budget is strained far beyond comfort, it’s hard to imagine political support for almost any kind of new program. New programs… [read more]

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    Consumer Reports Offering Free Access Online Today – With sites like Yelp giving everyone a place to spout their own completely biased opinion about just about everything, Consumer Reports remains the one place where y… [read more]

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    WHY IS ALL THE NEWS SO SLOW? – American Reporter But more than money, a shortage of imagination is also eroding the appeal of sites that once were able to offer fresh news 24 hours a day. I wonder what goes through the mind of a CNN r… [read more]

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    Ford pulls News of the World advertising over Milly Dowler phone hacking allegations – Daily Telegraph Ford has suspended all advertising with the News of the World until the phone hacking claims have been fully investigated. It has a… [read more]

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