TITAN Group: Green investment of EUR 26 million in the Kamari plant

Green €26 million at the cement factory in Kamari Boeotia opened the group today (2.4.2024) as part of a special event. To date, the achievements and initiatives that will make the factory in Kamari as one of the largest, fully digitized and green cement plants in Europe, with a horizon of 2030, emerged as the president of the Titan group Dimitris Papalexopoulos, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Marcel Cobuz group and the general manager of the Titan Cement Company, Angelos Kalogerakos. The investment to upgrade the cement production line allows CO2 emissions to be reduced by 150,000 tonnes per year and the use of nearly 200,000 tonnes of alternative fuels. At national level, this investment and road map for a neutral carbon footprint will contribute to the achievement of the objective set by Greece, within the framework of the National Energy and Climate Plan (EPC), to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 54% by 2030. The upgrading of the cement production line is part of a larger industrial transformation that will be completed with the implementation of the “IFESTOS” carbon capture project. This is the largest project of its kind in Europe, which will bind all carbon emissions in the Camari plant production process, producing 3 million tonnes of neutral carbon footprint cement. The “IFESTOS” project, which has already secured a grant of EUR 234 million from the EU Innovation Fund, will contribute significantly to the achievement of national targets for tackling climate change and will enhance the competitiveness and extroversion of the Greek industry. As part of the opening event, Environment and Energy Minister Theodoros Skylakis said: “The leadership of the TITAN group today presented an innovative and environmentally friendly investment, aimed at producing cement neutral carbon footprint. In addition, investments are already being made in the Kamari plant, which contribute to the optimisation of waste management, i.e. one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Initiatives such as these are sought and lead to the green transition of the Greek industry, making it at the same time more competitive internationally. At the same time, we are particularly pleased that industries in our country have managed to secure important European resources, which will co-invest in carbon capture and storage, reducing the carbon footprint of the Greek industry to half. For the State’s part, we will continue to support the green development of the Greek industry, creating the appropriate regulatory framework.” Minister of Development Constantine Skrekas said: “The success of the Greek economy is inextricably linked to the development of the Greek industry and processing. Our Government supports industry, processing and, above all, investments that reduce the environmental footprint. I am particularly pleased that investments planned by the Greek cement industry in the past five years were implemented and put into operation, with immediate positive environmental effects. Investments such as Titan’s, support and strengthen the green development, business extroversion and export potential of our country, contribute to the national economy, while promoting the development of domestic know-how, creating jobs in a modern, digital industry. State and industry must be on the same road. The path of evolution, growth and prosperity”. The president of the TITAN group, Dimitris Papalexopoulos, said: “It is the responsibility of our industry to protect the environment, a commitment that has been deeply rooted in our DNA since our founding. By the end of 2030, this facility is one of the largest cement plants with a neutral carbon footprint in Europe. Innovation was a decisive factor in our past successes and will remain the driving force behind our future initiatives, leading to a transformation that reflects developments across Europe and the world, not only in Greece.” For his part, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the TITAN group, Marcel Cobuz, said: “As a TITAN group, we are at the forefront of actions aimed at neutral carbon footprint, accelerating our green transition continuously. Our relevant road map has already been put in place and includes more than 100 initiatives covering all the geography and the entire chain of value of Titan, as well as significant investments.” For his part, the Director General of Titan Cement SA, Angelos Kalogerakis, commented: “Today’s official opening of the recent investment to upgrade the Kamari plant’s cement production line marks a wide transformation, which will lead to the full redesign of the production process, with the aim of producing neutral carbon footprint cement and offering innovative products to our customers. As a construction material industry, we contribute in every way to tackling the challenge of climate change. Since our establishment, as a TITAN group, we have been committed to adopting innovative approaches to environmental protection.” Source: RES – ICM