Timothy Salame: He wants Austin again Butler as Elvis in the film about Bob Dylan

He would like his co-star to reincarnate legendary Elvis Presley again in his new movie about Bob Dylan. The two well-known actors Timote Salame and Austin Butler who co-starred in the new film “Dune: Part Two” already aired in cinemas, in an interview with NME, spoke of the roles played as idols of American music (and respectively) and referred to the possibility that there would be a common universe between the two films. For the new film “A Complete Unknown” based on the leading singer and singer Bob Dylan who is to be played by Timothyée Chalamet, he stated that he is constantly taking advice from Butler on how to hypocritically approach such a legendary personality. It is recalled that Austin Butler, starred (with great success as noted) as Elvis Presley in the 2022 film, “Elvis” along with Tom Hanks. “I look forward to this film,” said Austin Butler. “I wish I could be on film every day to just watch magic happen,” he added. “ I wish you were in the film ” replied Timothyée Chalamet. “There is an Elvis character in the biographical film about Johnny Cass, “Walk The Line”. It’s very short, but I would like to be able to create a music film universe,” he said.