Step by step how to get the digital ticket to enter the stadiums from April 9

The way the world can get into change, as since April 9 the digital process becomes mandatory. New data comes to our country, regarding the entry of spectators into the field, as it will now be necessary for anyone who buys a ticket to have the Wallet app installed on their mobile phone in order to be able to enter the stadium. Specifically as stated on the website “” the way the ticket will be purchased remains the same, without any change for this particular piece. Where an amendment is made is entering the stadium, as after purchase of the ticket, the holder should have installed the Wallet app on his mobile phone in order to either write or scan the ticket code. In this way he will be assured that the ticket holder is the same and has not passed into the hands of anyone else. Then after being identified with QR code or barcode, the check of validity of the ticket will be made, in order for the viewer to be able to enter the platform and sit in the position he has signed the ticket he has purchased. In this way the government wants to fight the phenomenon of fan violence, enabling both authorities and groups to be able to control and find at any time the individuals within the stadium. With regard to time cards, the same procedure will take place. This process will start on April 9th and will concern games for Super League 1, the Greek Cup and international events.

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