This will help keep your bath mat πεντάκαθαρο always 3 steps [photos]

The bath mat is gathering a lot of moisture and that’s why you have to clean it… properly. On top of that developed hundreds of germs and mold that are harmful to our health.
The bath mat hides a lot of germs in the fibers of which are very dangerous for our health. This is because the moisture present in the bathroom trapped in the fibers especially after a shower.

The bath mat accumulate a lot of germs and mold.
What you can do to keep the mat clean and dry?
1. Dry the mat after each shower to dry off the mat you will need to ventilate after every shower. Hang it from a hanger with hooks, and then hang the hanger on the rail for the shower curtain. Otherwise you can spread it on the terrace for 1-2 hours so as to dry completely, of course.
2. Open the windows after every shower If you open the windows after every shower, you will save the excessive accumulation of water vapour in the bathroom. So the floor will dry much more quickly and easily.

Wash your mat once a week and make sure to ventilate after every shower.
3. Wash the rug in the bathroom every week May seem a boring process but it’s for your own good. Wash your mat once a week to drive away germs and mold. Select the appropriate wash on the basis of the label that has the mat as each material needs a different way of washing.Source