Ban on car parking in the under construction pedestrian street of Thebes

The work on the pedestrian street of Epaminondas in Thebes are… in progress and the project has not yet been completed. For this reason, highlighted the following drivers:
· Not to park their vehicles within the pedestrian zone and in the vertical street of this (Δίρκης, Dragon)
· The parking or stop car in the under construction work is causing serious damage to the cobblestones, incurred by the Municipality, a fact that changes the entire financial planning of projects he has planned.
· Also with parking or stop car in the under construction project hindered the work of crews and machinery projects, retarding the path.
· We all need to ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥΜΕ the effort to upgrade the area and to facilitate the progress of the project, in order to be happy.
· In particular, the days of the holiday, where it’s increased the circulation of pedestrians on the pedestrian street of Epaminondas, you have not presented a picture of anarchy and at the same time to facilitate the pedestrians to pass.
· In a different case, and if the phenomenon of illegal parking continues, the Municipality will be forced to take drastic measures with the assistance of the Traffic police.
· Finally, be advised that once completed the project will be placed and the appropriate marker plates.