This IS THE REALITY – Scientific research: Major health organizations conceal information or mislead the public about the electronic cigarette

Millions of people visit daily the official websites of manifestly medical institutes and organisations worldwide, seeking the…
fullest possible information on the impact of specific products on their health. But what happens when even these official and recognised bodies ignore reality and scientific knowledge, while concealing or not revealing purposely the benefits of a particular product, denying essentially citizens of more healthy alternatives in relation to their habits or their condition?
This happens a lot, according to much research of two scientists, Lynn Kozlowski of the University of Buffalo (USA) and David Sweanor of the University of Ottawa, who reported in a publication in the journal “International Journal of Drug Policy” that in many relevant websites health organizations are missing critical information about products alternatively of smoking, such as the electronic cigarette, with the result that the citizens don’t know that it hurts significantly less than smoking.
Scientists have observed that because of the αναπόδεικτου with real evidence of “fear” that the electronic cigarette can lead citizens to smoking, the websites of major medical organisations “neglect” to mention the benefits of the use of the public health, as compared with the conventional cigarette.
With regard to the information on the health effects of nicotine products, alternative smoking, such as the electronic cigarette, the scientists observe that “the evidence we have to date do not justify the concealment of mass dissemination of knowledge that already exists about them, from reliable sources such as the agencies that we examined”. “No attempt is being made, albeit modest, to inform the public for their remarkably smaller risks which arise from the use of the electronic cigarette and other nicotine products in relation to the conventional”, they point out.
And supplement: “people can get the most appropriate and right decision about their health only when they have the correct information. The public, however, is dramatically misinformed about the comparative risks of cigarettes and other nicotine products and the vast majority of people that their life is in danger due to the harmful custom of smoking, I don’t know their options”.
The scientists also note that the comparative analysis among the alternatives to other types of products that affect health is much used by large health care organizations, but not for the cigarette. “It is scandalous and criminal to withhold such information from their citizens. And yet this happens either by concealing information or even disinformation. It is like closing someone’s eyes in the smokers in order not to be able to see the huge differences that there are the health effects in the event that you replace this habit with something alternative,” they end up.

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