This is the ideal weight, depending on your height – what you need to know

If you compare yourself to someone else, depending on your height, you might start to… get in trouble. One person’s ideal weight can be completely different from another person’s and may be the same height. If you compare yourself to your family and friends, then most likely you either think you have no problem, if you are surrounded by obese or overweight people, or that you have a very serious problem if everyone around you has a body… model. A simple, basic “bubble” for ideal weight, certainly concerns your height. To determine how much the ideal weight should be for you, you should consider many factors such as age, muscle-fat ratio, height, gender and bone density. Some doctors argue that the method that best gives the answer to this issue is the calculation of the Mass Body Index (BMI). Others, again, argue that the BMI is a rough tool, since it does not take into account muscle mass and contrast that the middle-ground ratio is a better method. In the table below you can see how much you should weigh, depending on your height. The horizontal axis is the weight in kg (upside) and the vertical axis is the height in cm (right side). It is worth noting that men generally have more weight than women of the same height. Labelling : The yellow color shows the ideal weight, the two shades of orange color shows that you are overweight, or very overweight (at the limits of the obese person), the red color that you are at levels of obesity, while the white color shows that you are at the other (also unhealthy) end of the spectrum and you are fatweight.