They did it 2 times Resurrection in the same village! [photos]

A special custom was revived this year in the village, its members of Preveza…
The inhabitants of the village made two times Resurrection with him over its members says, the Christ is Risen at 21.00 – 22.00 and Down its members to wish that Christ is Risen at 12.00 noon.
On the upper its members , where the first Resurrection are resident breeders where they stay there with their animals.

Because it is difficult to move, all the years, the Metropolis of Preveza ensure that the priest to make the first Resurrection in the Holy Monastery of Faneromeni, along with the two nuns of the Monastery, and then with a difference of a few hours the inhabitants of the under its members to celebrate and they, in turn, the Resurrection of the Lord.

There are of course cases where some of the inhabitants of the upper settlement of the village , after you have Resurrection to descend, and in the lower village to meet relatives, with the result that they make 2 times the Resurrection!
The fact however is that this village is located about half an hour from the city of Ioannina from 21.00 to 00.00 was initiated this year in canon law pace!


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