Thessaloniki: Works of art worn as jewels in OTE Art Chambers

Sculptures adorning the space and others worn in various parts of the body, adorning its Art Chambers. Along with them, photographs of the same artist complement the theme that the exhibition of Charles Dell Street is hosting at the center of the exhibition. Materials from ceramics and polyesters, to wire, nylon and feathers, characterize the special aesthetics of Dr.Olyvia Kyriakopoulou, in the exhibition entitled “Photography and jewelry”. Art works, according to her, are mental entities, structures of the mind. “A work of art can only be expressed, directly or indirectly, with materials, means and ingredients. But beyond materiality other intangible elements will intervene, such as feeling, temperament, experiences, talent, imagination, individual unconscious and much more to give him the final form that is not only the visible, the felt,” he says. The shopkeeper will see sculptures that the artist created in order to wear. “The viewer doesn’t realize it’s a jewel. I do the sculpture first and then I want it to acquire usable value as a jewel, but it is not worn in places we are used to,” he reports to the Athenian/Macedonian News Agency, presenting a shoulder bracelet, which is exhibited in the collection. She complements that one of the materials she likes in the way she “moves” in the space, is the wire, which exists in both her sculptures and as an object of her photographs. “I like to take pictures that exist in nature, without processing them later to become more …early,” he points out. The exhibition is curated by Giannis Anastasiades in OTE’s Art Chambers.