Thessaloniki: “Prisoning” with garbage in the illegally parked driver car

The driver illegally parked in and certainly regretted it. Unknowns had left on the vehicle, bags with… the illegal parking did not go unnoticed and… unpunished in Thessaloniki. Unknowns who probably wanted to dump their garbage in dumpsters decided to leave it on the vehicle. The relevant photo makes the internet round, with users’ comments giving and receiving. In their own way they decided to “punish” some unconscious driver, who parked his car in downtown Thessaloniki, closed two trash bins. The image was recorded at noon on Sunday, near Antigonid Square in Thessaloniki. As shown in the photo below published by, the parked car closes both the trash bin and the recycling. So some decided to punish the driver in their own way. Not only did they lift the wipers but they filled the windshield of the car with bags full of garbage.