Thessaloniki: Life at the Court of Appeal for the murder of 18-year-old small seller Isaac

A man and his wife were sentenced to , for the murder of an 18-year-old in . Crime had shaken Dendropotamos and had “born” a new feud… The sentence of lifelong ties was upheld by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeals of Thessaloniki for the two main defendants in the case of the murderous conflict between two Roma families, in May 2015, during which he fell dead – beaten by a knife – the 18-year-old small seller Isaac, while his 52-year-old, today, father was seriously injured. With the superior penalty and additional temporary convictions of 13 and 9 years old, a man and his wife were convicted, respectively, as they were unanimously found guilty of manslaughter jointly and attempted. The couple sat on the stand of the court, following an appeal by the Supreme Court against the previous appeal. For the same case had been convicted their 74-year-old grandfather who died – amid a pandemic – in prison, where he served a life sentence. In addition, the two children of the couple who were sentenced to 24 and 32 months in prison had been found guilty, but in their case no appeal was made to the Supreme Court. The murderous conflict had poisoned the atmosphere in the settlement of Roma, in the Thessaloniki Dendropotamos, with its inhabitants then talking about “venta”, while it is characteristic that a few 24 hours after the incident, the houses of their accused and related persons were engulfed in flames. The two small-seller families sold their merchandise in the port of Thessaloniki, while before the killing there were often disputes between them. The two victims, 18 – year – old Isaac and his father, were brutally beaten with knives and wood. The first succumbed to his injuries, while the second was hospitalized several days at the hospital. The new trial was conducted amid tensions and the presence of strong security measures in fear of incidents.