Thessaloniki: Convicted apartment owner who had put on camera to watch the 18-year-old tenant

Three years in prison with parole was sentenced by an owner to , for filming the private life of the student who rented it to her. The Three-member Court of Thessaloniki found him the owner of the apartment guilty of violating the oral conversation and the privacy of communications, recognizing to him the mitigating effect of the earlier legal life. The case was revealed in November 2019, following a complaint by the 18-year-old (then) student. Although the apartment was intended for short lease, the owner had agreed to rent it to the student for a year. The same from the first moment it seems she had perceived a white device on the ceiling, but the defendant had reassured her that it was a disabled alarm system. When, however, after two months of staying in the apartment the student found that this device was “seeing” towards her bed and flashing from time to time, she was alarmed. She addressed her uncle who knows about electrical appliances and then denounced the owner to the police. In her testimony before the court, she expressed her certainty that the defendant was recording her, expressing fears that material with her personal moments may have leaked online. She testified that during her stay in the apartment she received from the owner – in unsuspecting time – visits, while he asked for information about her personal life. The defendant did not attend the court and was represented by a proxy lawyer. His defence denied the charge of recording, arguing – among other things – that it was an inactive camera connected to an alarm application, while describing as “novels” what the student denounced.