Thessaloniki: Arrest of 26-year-old for criminal organisation and illegal transfer of immigrants

In the hands of police officers the 26-year-old in. He promised immigrants a better life in Greece, but when they crossed the border, he showed them his real face… In the arrest of a 26-year-old foreigner for illegal transfer-promotion of migrants within the country, kidnapping, disobedience, violence against employees, extortion and criminal organisation, police officers of the Immigration Directorate in Thessaloniki proceeded. Police officers found yesterday Saturday, March 30th, the 26-year-old in an abandoned barracks in the area of Menemeni Thessaloniki and arrested him despite his strong resistance. According to the police, five foreigners were found inside the barracks, reporting that they entered the country four days ago with the help of his arrested and accomplices and were detained there against their will, while being blackmailed to pay the agreed amount for their transfer. The arrester, with the file formed against him by the Department of Immigration Management Thermis, will be led responsible.