Thessaloniki: A Russian-speaking monk convicted of beating and stealing on Mount Athos

Court of Thessaloniki found guilty of an incident in his cell. The 70-year-old monk appealed and was released. An episode denounced in April 2019 in a cell of Mount Athos, between two Russian-speaking monks revived in the audience of the One-Member Court of Appeals of Thessaloniki. On the stand of the defendant was found a 70-year-old Rasphorus, after a 57-year-old monk’s complaint, that he was beaten and took a laptop. A cause for the incident seems to have stood up against political content, with the 70-year-old defendant blaming the 57-year-old prosecutor for making “political propaganda” for Russia. He was finally found guilty of theft (by converting the indictment from robbery), physical harm and illegal weaponry (possessed a knife), with him denying all acts. The court sentenced him to 12 months in prison with a three-year suspension. Against the decision the 70-year-old appealed and was released. The suitor did not appear in court and has allegedly left Mount Athos.