Thessaloniki: 22 years in prison for the retired man who tried to blow up his children with a gas bottle

In 22 years and 9 months of imprisonment he was sentenced to 63 years of age, her locked up along with his 2.5-year-old twin children in the car, where he opened a gas bottle, attempting to blow up the vehicle. The unprecedented incident with the Air Force retired occurred in March 2023 in Melissaochori, Thessaloniki, in front of her eyes a dissociative wife who notified the Police. The Thessaloniki Mixed Jury Court – before which he was tried – found him guilty of attempted serial homicide, fraudulently, with regard to the wife and with the possibility of deceit in terms of children, as well as for attempted explosion with a risk for man and physical harm to his wife during their married life. The judges did not recognise him as a mitigating measure, while they decided that the appeal should not have suspended power in the execution of the sentence, resulting in him returning to prison. In his apology, the defendant denied all the charges attributed to him, arguing that he had no intention of killing his children, but of “fearing” his dire wife, with whom he was in dispute. “I did it because I love my children and wanted to claim them. I confessed in the first place that it was reckless. The existence of gas was enough to disturb my wife but not to hurt the children. It was an intense reaction but absolutely safe. I wanted to stand before the courts to speak. I gave a right not to give and I apologize for it,” he said, among other things, in his apology. “She wanted the explosion to take them together to death,” the prosecutor of Argiri Cotina’s seat said in her speech, who suggested his guilt for the whole of the acts, while commenting on the explanations she gave said “they can’t stand reason.”