Thesprotia: Rug houses in Syvota and Perdika, the first arrest

In the hands of police officers in, one of the two perpetrators. A total of seven burglaries and house thefts were detected in and out of Perdica… The criminal action of two foreigners came to an end, following coordinated actions by the Department of Homeland Security of Igoumenitsa, whose officers arrested one of them after midnight, while the evidence of his accomplice was identified. At the expense of them, a criminal case for distinguished thefts was formed. In particular, last night (31-03-2024) foreigners broke into Perdika Thesprotia and as part of a coordinated police operation, police officers managed to locate and arrest one of them, who was on foot in the wider area. In his possession a sum of 480 euros, various gold, cell phone, wristwatch, “jockey” hat, gloves, crowbar and lenses were found and confiscated. The further investigation showed that the two defendants, having been organized for the purpose of committing thefts, committed in the last week a total of seven thefts from houses in Syvota and Perdika, from where they removed money, mobile phones, watches and goldsmiths, of a total value of around 6,000 euros. The arrester will be taken to Mr. Attorney of Flood Thesprotia, while the police investigation to locate his accomplice as well as any involvement in other similar acts is ongoing.