These clerks have decided to escape from the ordinary – See how… [video]

Monday. No other day of the week brings not so much fear as that which comes in between Sunday and Tuesday…
The second comes from the Middle English word “Monenday”, which basically means “moon day.” It’s technically the second day of the week, but anyone who goes for work or school knows that this is truly the first day of the week. Every Monday, students and workers need to draw the bed to start a new work week…
It’s not that we don’t like to go to work or school (although some days we would have preferred to be anywhere else in the world), but it is difficult to escape someone from the lazing of the Weekend.
Some agencies have figured out how boring it can be the job and have taken the measures to make the day a little more exciting.
The Viking, a company office supplies, recently caused the employees to make their office more exciting and a small group did, εκπλήτωντας and the other partners of the office the next day…
Instead of a funky appearance or peculiar stickers, or plants, the creative team of the Viking decided to create a giant fortress around the offices of the workers. The Construction lasted seven hours in total and the other two to set it up.
Have used only recyclable materials around the office! What do you think is it worth it?