These are the things you should not do ever when you wake up in the morning…

    Each of us has a specific routine when he wakes up in the morning…
    Each to their own there is no reason, however, scientists have searched and found what habits are bad for us when we do them early.
    1. Don’t tap the snooze button in the mobile
    Resist the temptation to sleep for another 10 minutes, As says the expert sleep Timothy Morgenthaler in the Business Insider: “Those who study the subject of sleep say that the snooze button on the alarm clock of the mobile device to sleep a little longer is not a good idea.And that’s because if you fall asleep again, you go into a new sleep cycle that de facto won’t be able to complete. That way you’ll wake up in a bad way, and you won’t feel well.”
    2. Non-χουζουρεύετε crawlspaces
    According to the psychologist of Harvard, Amy Cuddy, in bed, in the morning should be we’re stretching and not to stay coiled canoodling. Studies have shown that those who are stretched up with a much better mood, while those who do not wake up with high levels of stress.
    3. Don’t see email
    If your cell phone is next to you when you sleep, don’t check first thing in the morning on your email. The expert Julie Morgenstern said in the Huffington Post that this will “throw” for the rest of the day.
    4. Don’t leave a mess in your bed
    And yet as soon as we wake up, we have to make our bed. This will give us a sense of organisation and settlement, which will accompany us all for the next few hours.
    5. Do not drink coffee
    According to studies, the best time to drink coffee is after 9.30 in the morning. So if you wake up earlier, delay the first cup.
    6. Don’t get ready in the dark
    Experts suggest to open immediately the shutters and get ready to light, so that we can give to our body the signal that it’s morning. Besides, in order to avoid unpleasant stylistically accidents.