THESE are the 13 pre-requisites for the υποδόση of 1 billion. euro

The list of 13 pre-requisites which must be fulfilled by Greece, to mobilise the υποδόση of 1 billion. euros, published by the European Commission…
The list, as it presents the, includes the following measures:
Fiscal and financial structural reforms:
1) the design of The independence of ΓΓΔΕ
The Greek Authorities will submit a memo to the institutions that will present the options for the key decisions regarding the design of the independent secretariat of revenue, to ensure the fastest drafting and adoption of the law.
2) The adoption of measures to ensure tax collection
a) The Greek authorities will adopt measures for cross-checks on the fuel tanks in order to combat the smuggling of
b) I Would hire a committee of supply to finalized the acquisition of software for analysis of VAT information through a network in order to combat carousel fraud (carrousel).
3) The decisions on the application of the claw back (ceiling costs) for hospitals
(a) The government will issue the ministerial decision for the implementation of the clawback in hospitals
(b) Will issue a ministerial decision to review downwards, the prices of private diagnostic centres
Reforms of the Financial Sector
4) The activation of the select group of executives from the FSF
5) The legislation on the solvency of households
6) The strategy for the red loans
Structural reforms
7) Adoption of a 10 measures from the toolbox (toolkit II) of the OECD
8) Decisions on regulated professions
9) Arrangements for the structural Funds
10) Spatial planning and forest law
11) Privatization of admie s. a
12) Privatization. Plan for the new Fund
Public administration
13) Payroll in the Public