Simplify the licensing procedures for petrol Stations Energy

Read the announcement: “the Delegation of the Panhellenic Federation of Πρατηριούχων Fuel Traders (E.The.E.E.K.) … headed by the President C. Ασμάτογλου, assisted by the Technology. Consultant Pan. Καρανάσιο, met with a delegation of the Region of Attica, at the head of which was the Executive Secretary K. Παπαχρυσοβέργης and o C. Director Of Development, C. Φούρλαρης.
The focus of the discussion was the simplification of administrative acts for the establishment and operation of any form of service station of Energy (Liquid Fuels, Lpg, Natural Gas, Mixed, etc.). There was an absolute identity of views with the commitment of the actors of the Region of Attica to ensure that all the actions for the implementation of the simplification of procedures for authorisation of service station of Energy as soon as possible.
The proposals for simplification include the reduction of the necessary signatures (from 5 to 2 or 3) , from the competent bodies in the administrative documents of the Services, including the granting of licences for the establishment and operation of activities that are licensed by the Region of Attica.
Indicative of such activities are service stations, laundry – λιπαντήρια car, the car stations, car shops, craft facilities, professional workshops etc.
This will be specifically significant benefits such as :
1. The speeding up of administrative work.
2. The increase of the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Administration.
3. The abolition of the suffering of the citizens and to facilitate the access of stakeholders in entrepreneurship.
4. The savings that this time is wasted on bureaucratic grounds.
The President of the E.The.E.E.K. mr C. Ασμάτογλου, congratulated the Region of Attica for the initiative of the Alderman for recording and simplification of all administrative acts, and it was agreed that the continuation of the cooperation, for the resolution of other relevant issues.