Thermomix®: A perfect combination of innovation and culinary tradition by Vorwerk

With its long experience in space and close, human contact with customers and its entire community, Vorwerk and Thermomix® have conquered the hearts of over 20 million homes in recent years. Vorwerk Group is a pioneer in the provision of high quality household appliances. The International Group with roots in Germany is an innovative sales company based on customer relations. The successful adoption of the direct sales method is the one followed by the Thermomix® Group from its birth in 1971 to today. Since then, Vorwerk has been established in the international community and its reputation has been inextricably linked to the innovation of its products. Today, it operates in 60 countries mainly in Europe, while maintaining presence in Asia, North and South America. What did the Vorwerk Group see in Greece? Seeing strong dynamics in the Greek market due to its culinary tradition, economic stability and growing demand for home cooking solutions, Vorwerk Group proceeds to expand its activities in the country. In the Group’s new natural store, you will be able to find the top products Thermomix® TM6 and Kobold VK7, and get a taste of the excellent experience they offer. The headquarters of Vorwerk Hellas, as well as the Experience Store will open their gates in Kifisia within the 2nd quarter of 2024, while already operating a branch in Thessaloniki, covering the needs of the northern part of the country. Through these ventures, Vorwerk Hellas now offers attractive opportunities to raise its independent sales team thanks to a competitive supply system and special days where one can learn what it takes to start its own business. To register you can visit the website . The identity of the Thermomix® ecosystem Thermomix®, with sales of 1.7 billion euros in 2022, is the most famous product of Vorwerk and has been described as the best sous-chef for all home cooks. It is a revolutionary kitchen device, combining multiple functions such as mixing, cutting, kneading, cooking and others providing a complete solution for daily needs in the kitchen. The Thermomix® integrated Cookidoo® application is a digital platform that provides more than 90,000 guided recipes from around the world, which can be followed step by step. Cookidoo® also offers many more functions that are constantly evolving, such as a shopping list, meal programming and customization of portions, to relieve users of any effort to focus only on the joy of cooking and to enjoy their creations with their loved ones. The dynamics of direct sales The promotion of Thermomix® is done exclusively through direct sales, with the invaluable assistance of the Consultants’ community. Today more than 90,000 independent sales consultants have led the Vorwerk Group to the top of its main model. Thanks to cooking shows, everyone can live the experience of Thermomix® TM6 and Cookidoo® at home, with a special consultant available to answer all questions while ensuring a personalized service. During the event organized on 22 March at the Athens Conservatory for the presentation of the Group’s plans in our country, details of the strategic expansion of Vorwerk in Greece were discussed. In this spectacular event the world of Thermomix® was found at the Athens Conservatory where participants had the opportunity to get a taste of recipes from around the world, all cooked with Thermomix® from independent consultants from 9 countries.