There’s less of a chance for missing fisherman

The investigations will continue with the first light of the day, with floating and aerial…
Anxiety about the fisherman – turned over boat in Karteros
With the first light of the day is expected to continue έρευνεςγια the 60-year-old fisherman, the traces of which were lost when it capsized the boat in which he was riding in along with his 30 year old son in the sea area a hundred meters from the shore, northeast of the airport of Heraklion.
It is recalled that for the detection of the 60-year-old set up a big operation, with consideration of the port Authority of Heraklion.
Directly in the area visited the executives of the Coast guard, which spotted the 30 year old has come out of the sea
Under the coordination of a Single Centre for the Coordination of search and Rescue, investigations were initiated tracking of a missing fisherman from the sea, with a patrol boat of the Coast guard, vessel of the Fire Service, a diving ship with men of the search and RESCUE, vessels of Παγκρήτιου Group Inflatable and sail and private divers.
At the same time, from the land involved patrol vehicles of the Coast guard, members of the School Reserve Officers Infantry, Heraklion, of the 11th squadron Guided Missiles of the Air Force, officers of the Greek Red Cross, Greek Rescue Team, of the Professional Association of Fishermen of Heraklion as well as volunteers, while aerial surveys conducted by helicopter of the Air Force.
Late in the afternoon and due to the adverse weather conditions, the surveys of the sea continued from the trailer “MENTOR” as well as by Official and private vehicles of land, but without result for the unfortunate man
An inquiry conducted by the Central Port authority of Heraklion.