Theodoros Theodoridis: The completion of the project ensures the “maturity” for the inclusion of projects of flood protection in the new NSRF

Working meeting were the vice-governor of Pella mr Theodore Theodoridis,…, mr Giorgos Margaritis, strain the Certifying Authority of the Ministry of Economy and mr Christos Bibitsos, Head of Policy for the Protection of Such.E. Pella for the on-spot verification of the project “Preparation for intense flood phenomena” which was implemented in the framework of the INTERREG Community Initiative and, in particular, of the Programme Greece – FYROM.
The project was implemented with full satisfaction of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics. During the Program the E.E. Pella implemented two actions. The first was the creation of a Geographical Database for monitoring and decision-making relating to risks from flooding in the border area of the Regional Unit of Pella. The second action included the implementation of technical studies for the mapping of the streams in the cross-border region and identification of the necessary projects of settlement and to minimise the risk of occurrence of flood events.
In a statement the vice governor of Pella mr Theodoros Theodoridis says: “Through the elements of a Geographic Information System that was implemented by this Program, we are able to take special preventive measures to avoid flood. The basis of this, together with other information gathered by the services is a comprehensive tool for planning and decision-making for sustainable Development. Of extreme importance is the implementation of the studies for projects for flood protection in the mountain of Almopia. With the implementation of the studies ensured the conditions for the integration of their respective projects in the new NSRF. The budget of these projects amounts to 2,5 million euro”.