Theodore Maradin: Tortured for several years, I was thinking whether to divorce or not

“I came out of my marriage with a number of guilt,” said .Thodoris Maradin was currently invited on the set of the show “Best late”. The singer spoke to Athena Nega and about his separation from Sissy Christidou. “I was tortured for several years with it in my mind, thinking whether or not to divorce. And I said that “no, it’s a failure and I have to fight it.” When I got to the point where I made that decision, I got out of my marriage with enough guilt. But in the process I realized it was worse what I did. When I realized there was no reason to try it anymore, I should have decided without guilt. So sooner and without guilt,” said Theodore Maradin. Theodore Maradin then said: “I realized that living in a marriage with children can hardly be a problem for both children and family as a whole. I would not want my children to have as a model that you should stay in a relationship if you are not well.”