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The wonderful world of books!

Writes psychologist John Ξηντάρας, a Psychologist and Family Counselor
They brought us gift books for everyone-the adults and the children. Instead of cookies or candy, a figurine for the home or a …
consumable children’s game, they brought us a gift of books. One to each of you. What a great idea!!
The next day we all sat together, symbolically to go through and talk about them. We did it on purpose, just to lure the kids in this process. The truth is that in the past so often, the we we urge to read a book, but all lived in the words.
Even when we buy some from the bookshop of the neighbourhood they lived on the shelf… we were Wondering the parents, why… Why don’t you read? Because you prefer the television? The answer ultimately was simple. Because we did the same… And we we were just watching tv, more and more often, there off some steam the tiredness and the routine of our daily lives. How to make the kids something different? How can we expect the children to do this that we don’t?
Finally, on the occasion of the gift of our friends the next day στρωθήκαμε on the sofa with the tv tightly closed – and we opened the books. To us, the parents brought a novel. To our son finishing elementary school brought a short story with the story of a boy and his adventures at school, the neighborhood, etc.
Our daughter five years younger than me, an anthology of classic fairy tales with modern illustrations, full of colours and sketches, prototypes, very different from what we are used to seeing… In short, two excellent books. Children as time we we there (about an hour and something…), reading, looked up, ξεφύλλιζαν the pages and all queries and questions. In some we answered, some not. Then they were going back to the book, continued reading, the comments… We were very impressed by the experience! It was finally so simple? It was enough to see us to follow those? I guess yes! I guess as long as!
Since that Sunday, we established a once a week, usually on a Sunday morning, we all sit together and read . Just like that…

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