The Witch – next episodes: Theophano leads to death and Spilios faces his sins

Stunning developments coming in the series “. ” What we will see in the next episodes to be broadcast on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April 2024, at 21:00. Agathi is leaving Rhenio. Will he be able to inform of the true face of Damian and the condemnation of Theophany? The Witch – Monday, April 1st, episode 69 The mysterious past of Kyprianou unfolds, while Kanellos faces a truth that will shock him. Agathi manages to get Rhenio out of the tower. Will he be able to inform the right people of the true face of Damian, but also of the death sentence of Theophany? Andrei and Marco are invited to decide whether to remain allies or turn against each other. While Theophano is driven to death, the sins of his own world will be revealed to Spilio. The Witch – Tuesday, April 2, episode 70 Spilios makes a decision about the life of Theophany, which will confront him all. Rhenio confides in Michael and Marco her suspicions of Damian, but the two men do not seem willing to believe her. Michel delivers to Spilios his great-grandfather’s treasure, but causing new upheavals in the Gerakaris tower. Kanellos implements a plan to gain the favor of Giannis, but also to expose Damiani. Andrei is determined to save Theophanos, at all costs, at the moment when Janice tries to get rid of the presence of the Gerakaris and consolidate his own sovereignty. One step before all ashes are made, Theophano is increasingly dragging Spilios into her world and confronts him with the truth … Starring: Elli Trigou, Katerina Lechos, George French, Tasos Nusias, Markella Giannatos, Nikos Psarras, Anastasis Roilos, Markos Papadokonstantakis, Konstantinos Konstantinos Konstantinosopoulos, Stefani Kapetanidis, Vassilis Milios, Aris Ninikas, Giannis Tsoumarakis, Christina Christodoulou, Kalliopi Haska, Parthenopi Bouzouri, Yotas Argyropoulou, Nestoras Kopsidas, Yilmas Hosmen, Nikos Dallas, Theodosis Prison, Panayiotis Katsolis, Dimitra Kola, Georgia Kyriazis, Michael Afolayan k. In the role of Kyprianou, Themis Bazaka. Screenplay: Melina Tsabani- Petros Kalkovalis Directed by: Lefteris Haritos Photography Address: Vassilis Kasvikis Scenetographer: Dimitris Katsikis Dressologist: Triada Papadakis Montaz: Lydia Antonova Production Organization: Thodoris Kontos Production Execution: JK PRODUCTIONS-CARAGIANNIS

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