The when the autumn comes though revealed how many pounds he took from last year [video]

George when the autumn comes though, showed us once again how de-inhibited is…
In today’s show, argued in an interview with the Σίλιας Kritharioti from the Sasa Stamati and after the end of the presenter admitted how good and advanced the she used to dress last year at The Voice, her brother, Nikos.
However, after comment of the group for its consistency in diet that did it, he admitted: “Last year I was 15 pounds thinner than now. Last year I was 100 pounds, now I’m…113 you?”.
“What need do you have? After all they see you and they tell you that you are weak. Of the most high-ranking…,” commented Mars Καβατζίκης, with Giorgos Liagas to respond, making all of the panels to break out in laughter: “Because I’m doing numbers, if I did not do, again fat would be calling me. Let’s not do ratings would say “get him fat””.