The War of Megaron Maximos with the astacockaraves, the OCIOS loans to Syriza, the Prime Minister’s knitted bracelet, the … evil plan of Kalamos and Bells v. Rob Lucas of CVC and the “national champion” in Consulting!

Maximu vs unstoppable Many episodes will follow on the show “Casselakis companies” says the column information. “No one asked him how he made his money in America, if he had, I know, astacockarava or vinjots or anything else,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told “Sky”. ‘ I don’t know, it’s not what we care about here. Neither has anyone raised tax evasion issues. Others are asked and others answer.” Oil in the fire throws Stefanos Kasselakis himself with self-rejections. On March 1, ANT1 stated that he lives from dividends he has in a company with two astacockaraves but without holding an administrative position. “I still have dividends, without being in command,” he stressed. Eleven days later, yesterday, at TikTok he said “I have left the astacockaraves from 10/3/2023”. The company that appeared to loan SYRIZA to pay salaries and gifts to party media workers is the Miami-based OSIOS CCL. He came out of the dispute with the former financial director of Syriza Thymios Georgopoulos who was fired by Stefanos Kasselakis. Loan agreement The question posed by government sources is who signed the OCIOS LLC loan agreement with Syriza. Since the legal procedures were complied with, the contract was deposited with the IRS and banks to transfer the money. If it is signed Kasselakis, there is a point of emphasis, because the law prohibits the holding of shares in foreign companies, political figures and political leaders. Stefanos Kasselakis was elected president of SYRIZA on 24 September and had two months margin (23 November 2023) to transfer his shares. Rumors As Stefanos Kasselakis has court pending in the US about money he claims from former associates, there is greater difficulty in transfers. Of course, rumours have also been released that he has already completed his business detachment procedures. But until he or Justice prove it, no one will know the truth. The law is 2016 of the SYRIZA government. “It was made for Mitsotakis, but it cornered Kasselakis,” said the prime minister meaning the case with Voltaire’s house in Paris that was in a French company in which Mareva Grabowski – Mitsotakis had shares. The jurisprudence until then banned only out-of-country companies and expanded to all foreign companies to “catch” and the wife of the then-president of the South West and chief of the main opposition. A date at ICU! He cut the scenarios for Easter allowance, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “It would be very easy to say “elections coming, give something” he told Sky. “I won’t do it” he stressed. “We will not give Easter allowance. I want to be absolutely clear.” The appointment is at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition in September. Then there will be a good picture of the budget implementation. It will have been seen whether tourism will be the golden egg hen again, and if the revenue is going well. Any benefits will be provided before Christmas. When elections are held, the welfare policy has a negative or indifferent social sign as they showed secret investigations. In fact, the government is taking a daily exam and there it will be judged. Achilles heel is also the Tempes of the evil manipulations done and created the picture that the attempt to cover up a national tragedy when he had no reason to do so. At the centre of Thessaloniki In the plenary session of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg came the miserable homophobic attacks on two transgender individuals, Aristotle Square, Thessaloniki. At the initiative of the Greens there will be a debate today on “increasing rhetoric and violence against LGBTQ: recent attacks in Thessaloniki”. The proposal passed with 191 for and 102 against. The European People’s Party and the Far Right voted against. How sad to be discredited by tragic minorities by a city like Thessaloniki that has opened its horizons in recent years. Racism whatever form it has is toxic. The problem is dealt with when we put it on the table, not under the carpet. Thessaloniki will be the city hosting the Euro Pride 21-29 June. Vice-regional head of Central Macedonia Voula Patoulidou who will descend with the New Democracy Euro-digital, had the first meeting with the Organizing Committee. Homophobic attacks cause a concern. The discussions that took place were that there should be a respect for religious beliefs. Anthimos was very cruel. The new Metropolitan Philotheus, 46 years old, is considered by the mild voices of the Church. It recommends “do not pour oil on the fire”. Thessaloniki wants to send the message of acceptance of diversity but also to emphasise that the rights of one end where another begins. The bracelet! The knitted bracelet worn by the Prime Minister in his right hand caught the attention of journalist Giannis Dsounos. “My wife took it from me on our trip to India,” the prime minister replied. “He tries to highlight themes related to crafts, cultural tradition. .’ The column’s report revealed that Mareva Grabowski – Mitsotakis purchased the bracelet from the world textile house Chanakya International which was founded in 1984 and is committed to the preservation and revival of India’s cultural heritage. With Dior and Gucci Chanakya International explores creative partnerships with more than 40 world fashion houses including Dior, Gucci, Prada and Valentino. Chanakya International founded Chanakya School of Craft in 2016 — a non-profit school dedicated to crafts, culture and the creation of new autonomy for women. This is what the Prime Minister’s wife visited. The curriculum includes over 300 hand embroidery techniques through a holistic curriculum based on the voices and lives of historic women. The school has taught over 1000 women to date. Callamos and Bells and revenge on Lucas of CVC! Anyone who has no memory of amoebada will remember that almost the same Greek-American investors, Mr. John Kalamos and Mr. John Doll, who now appear as sure buyers of the area in Cassiope Corfu from NCH Capital were once the sure buyers of National Insurance! Only it turned out that they did not have the guarantees requested by Giannis Stournaras and the Bank of Greece! And the highly advertised deal never happened. Especially when the Venezuelan expatriate Theodoro Duzoglu appeared as a co-investor without the latter knowing! Now the same investment scheme, because the other expatriate D. Mitropoulos denies his involvement, discusses buying the haunted property, the first sale of property from TAIPEDE which for more than ten years remains in the plans. The NCH Capital Americans found them dark with the ticks that have villas in the area and did not want any tourist development. The plans for a tourist complex on the property were announced without ever being implemented. By coincidence, National Insurance was purchased by CVC Capital, one of whose bosses, Rob Lucas, has a luxury villa in Cassiope. Lucas himself had gone to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to avoid going ahead with the investment because the rich in the area, including the Rothschild family, did not want any trouble and tourists. Probably Kalamos and Bells want to take their revenge for National Insurance and build a tourist complex with Rob Lucas! Next e Go Mobile left us time with the car factory! In Kassiopi, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had set the foundation stone himself without the investment finally moving forward. The Prime Minister had participated through a teleconference and the announcements of the German Next e Go Mobile on an electric car plant in Greece. The company, controlled by Albanian-born Nazif Destani, filed a few days ago for bankruptcy in Germany! After selling for months shit about where they’re going to do the factory in Greece, they finally announced they’d go Bulgaria. Eventually they are still waiting for them in Sofia, as they are expected in Volos or Patras where they were supposed to install the car plant. They want “national champion” in advisory services Many are looking to learn the plans of the well-known accountant Aristidis Kartsolis who along with George Poulopoulos, Bright Business Solution, promote the creation of “national champion” in Consulting and buy (or want to buy) several consulting companies. It is said that they have already agreed to acquire the percentage of Mr. Christos New in the Process, the second largest Greek consulting company after Planet. They are also discussing the purchase of Toolbox, a company with a very large presence in the technological work of the public. In general there is a disturbance in the market for consultants because no one wants to overturn today’s balance. But some believe that so-called Big 5, the powerful foreigners in the industry, monopolize the fillets. Something happens to Helleniq Energy The small decline in the stock last week has entertained the impressions created on the market amid rumours that a strong stock exchange agent is placed on paper! All this is happening as Italian Edison is rumored to be divorced in Elpedison, while some with a greater imagination see even a second round of equity with a further reduction in the percentage of key shareholders. Today the Latsi group has 40.41% and TAIPED 31.18%. They have a margin for another percentage allocation round now that the sale cycle of the LFS rates to systemic banks is closed. Although there’s still another round on the National. Thanasis Pelion, Teledome and Radefy The oldest will remember the telecommunications company Teledome that had at one point agreed to be purchased by Intracom Group. The deal was broken for years by its main shareholders, the Pelion family, fighting in court with Socrates Kokkalis at tens of millions of euros. Thanasis Pelion did not abandon the business. Today he runs Radefy, a software company for accommodation management with a very serious clientele on the Airbnb market and the other short term lease platforms. Here is the “every obstacle for good” or “if you acquire the microbe of business, you never leave, no matter how hard you go through”.