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Editors at 65 for all workers in the public, including mothers with underage children, the bill provides for the retirement of civil servants . The changes announced by the Ministry of Finance will begin to apply from 01/01/2011 and will be completed by the end of 2013. Women with minor children will be forced to work 15 years more to get a pension at 65. Five years of extra work for those who want to take a reduced pension.
For retirement age, expected to change with express pace. The transitional period will begin on 01/01/2011 and completed by 31/12/2013. At expiration, no public official may not get a full pension if they had not reached 65 years of age. Also, it can take a reduced pension if less than 60 years. Saved only those who rise to pension entitlement by the end of the year. In particular for the following:

Nominated before 31/12/1982

1.For those who have recruited up to 31/12/1982, assimilated years of service to required to be men and women to get a pension (25 years). This equation will be phased in over three years. Substantially increases the service required of women as follows:
â–º Today: Service required 17 1 / 2 years for the acquisition of pension rights of women are married with children
â–º 2011: The requested service is increased to 20 years ,
â–º 2012: The requested service is increased to 22 1 / 2 years and
â–º 2013: The requested service is increased to 25 years.

By the same procedures increased by 1 – 1-2011 and then, progressively, from 20 to 25 years of service a pension for both men and women who have three children or more and is eliminated in this case, the additional requirement applicable to men, ie have custody of the child by court order or is widowed.

2.Eperchetai simulation of military men and women in the years a pension (25 years).

Nominated after 1/1/1983
For those entitlement to pension from January 1, 1998 onwards, were recruited for the first time in the state from January 1, 1983 until December 31, 1992 will apply as follows:
1 . Men and women with minor children can get a pension at 65 to complete 25-year service. This equation, ie the increase in retirement age of women over 15 years, will be phased out within three years. Ie:
â–º for women who complete the 25 years from 1.1.2011, the age of 50 years, is now increased to 55 years of age
â–º supplement for those 25 years in 2012 the age limit raised to 60 and
► supplement for those 25 years in 2013 and beyond, the age limit raised to 65 ° year.

2. For men and women who have children or incapacitated incapacitated spouse and entitlement to pension (25 years) will apply the following limits:
â–º the 53rd for those pension entitlement in 2011,
► 56 ° of the year for those entitlement to a pension in 2012 and
â–º 60 years for those entitlement to pension from 2013 onwards.

3.A men and women who have no minor or disabled children, entitlement to pension from 01.01.1998 onwards or appointed by 01.01.1983 onwards, the pension will be coming out at 65. This equation will be made over a considerable period of three years. Ie women who pension entitlement until 31/12/2010 is the age of 60. Then rising:
► At 61 ° year for those pension entitlement in the year 2011,
► At 63 ° year for those pension entitlement 2012
► In year 65 ° many pension entitlement in the year 2013.

4. Gradually assimilated within three years the retirement age for men and women, public employees are likely to leave the service before completion of the current retirement age and receive a reduced pension. Ie valid until 12/31/2010 age of women in this case increases:
► 56 ° in the year 2011,
► 58 ° in 2012 and in
â–º 60 year 2013.

5.Katargountai provisions require that employees who have three or more children retire regardless of age.
6.Orizetai that what any of these persons have acquired the right to pension 31/12/2010, unaffected by the provisions of this law. For these persons, shall be continued in force until the publication of this law provisions relating to both pension entitlement and the retirement age.

The draft law also made the following Changes:
1. Extended to the State the new method of calculating pensions. Thus, introduced by 01.01.2015 and for members of the public key and proportional pension, granted under the same terms and conditions applicable to members in other social security institutions.
2. The new terms and conditions for successive insurance will apply in the public sector.
3.Memory 01/01/2011, will be owned and insured by the government at the Centre for Certification of Disability. Abolished all committees certifying disability currently operating the departments and the State except the Supreme Medical Committee, Army (A.S.Y.E.), Navy (A.N.Y.E.) Aviation (A. A.Y.E.) and the Higher Medical Committee of the Greek Police.
4. Extended from two to five years the time duration of the marriage in order to be entitled to a pension, the surviving spouse of a deceased pensioner.
5. The right of pension of unmarried adult daughters except the disabled and those studying and pension rights of divorced daughters. Afstiropoiountai already existing provisions for limiting the amount of pension due to increased income.
6. From 01.08.2010 to the State and established Levy Solidarity Benefit which is deducted from the pensions that exceed the amount of 1400 euros, with tiered rate from 3% to 9% depending on the amount of pension.

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