The super minister and the sprint, the opposition to the loose vote, the PPA Chinese who forgot the ferrying, the big words of the PPA, the ports without a train and the opposition of Constantine – Holy Synod for Crab

The super minister and sprint With the appointment of the Minister of State Makis Voridis, to a super minister who, along with the Secretary-General of Law and Parliamentary Affairs Spyros Koutnatzis, shares the responsibilities of the resigned Minister of State Stavros Papastavrou, Maximos from today adapts to the new data. The loss of Giannis Bratakos is great from the position of Deputy Minister despite the Prime Minister. The name of the director of the Prime Minister’s office in the House of Michael Bekiri is discussed. Not a surprise face. The secrecy of Kyriakou Mitsotakis Thanasis Nezis assumes a greater volume of responsibilities in the field of the campaign, in which Bratakos participated. After voting against the proposal of mistrust for Tempes by 159 MPs, the government attempts to close the fronts and run sprints. Not on the loose vote. Over 500 people attended in Thessaloniki the event of the “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation for the European elections, co-ordinatored by the Secretary of International Relations of the New Democracy MP Taso Hatzivassiliou. ELK Vice-President Vangelis Meimarakis stressed that the European elections have a deep political character because they affect our lives.” The battle against loose vote and abstention will culminate by 9 June in all Member States. Far-right bogeyman mobilizes forces. Temby Temby will continue to be high on the agenda in political confrontation. After the resignations of the Ministers Papastavros – Bratakos, due to the presence in a social event that sent a negative message, the … old, tested recipe was also drafted: Prime Minister Mareva’s wife Grabowski – Mitsotakis. He went out to the center for a sms that was then called to the businessman, etc., who he was supposed to call. The answer to the paper was three lawsuits that dropped the end titles. ‘Temporary’ Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis accused of political gravel, the opposition for Tempes, in his weekly message. “No, we do not celebrate their failure to throw the government, stepping on the pain and wrath of the victims’ families,” he said. “I repeat, there was no attempt to cover up, and we do not co-govern in any interest,” he stressed. The Prime Minister was also a Laber in Parliament. “I left in a helicopter and went to the point of tragedy and saw the most ghastly thing I’ve ever seen in my life and there you think I’ve given orders to model the dialogues, you’re not ashamed!” he shouted angry. In Justice for revealing the truth the government shows. To the prosecutor In the Supreme Court’s district attorney, PASOK President Nikos Androulakis will be going Monday to request the investigation of the evidence resulting from the publication of the “Step” on the modeled talks. SYRIZA also has his eyes on the prosecutor while he also announced a request for a preliminary investigation for Mitsotakis and Karamanlis. The volume of documents he had on the platform when speaking in the motion of disbelief plans to testify in Justice and the president of the Freedom Sea Zoe Constantopoulou. I’m fired, but… On Wednesday, Stefanos Kaselakis gets the diploma from the army and on Thursday he will be in Crete for the regional conference of SYRIZA in view of the European elections. Two more will follow in Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace where Syriza has a bigger problem because he has not elected MPs in many prefectures. It shall also have the meeting of the Executive Office. It also has to complete the Eurolist after the primary election. “What I wanted and got fired,” he said sometime at his birthday party making humor. He lost three pounds in the army. Things were a little loose. He was having a good time. He was hanging out with younger soldiers who it is reasonable for some of them to admire him for his studies and for what he achieved in his life. Of course he lost three pounds. Education did its job. Now he’s back to the hard part. He has in front of him unfinished business and strategy planning for the European elections. He started a communication barrage with an interview with Natalia German wearing a short sleeved shirt. He’ll be called back to present his posterior guts about what happened with the unstoppable arabes. He may get lucky with the lobster brooch that Congressman Kilkis Peter Pappas gave him and save him the difficult questions about Delaware. Grinia Among the complaints that have already reached Socrates Famelos and Manolis Kapnisakis by MPs are also about how the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group operates. Voices were heard that questions are being cut that they want to testify without sufficient explanation. That in general some are missing and not participating. There is also a whine about graphics sent by the president’s office to upload to their personal social media – such as one about the fireplace – that did not find many fans. It would probably be connected to the political fireplaces and the cover-up that Syriza charges to Mitsotakis and Karamanlis. Screenplays of percentages Stefanos Kaselakis announces “You will be surprised by the result of the European elections”. Some Members were so excited that they were even talking about a percentage of European elections leading up to 2 and about SYRIZA and the NW! “Do you imagine us getting 20.01% and New Democracy 29.98% what will happen?” someone said. “We’re going to flip quickly. “ The Papanotas candidate? Journalist Dimitris Papanotas, a collaborator on the show “Happy day” by Statina Tsimtsilis at ALPHA seems to be nominated with the Euro-vote of SYRIZA, as they discussed at Stefanos Kasselakis’ birthday party. Papanotas had stated in an interview with Faye Skorda: “If I ever get proposed by Syriza I will think about it, because I am very tired. Because I, the European Parliament, do not think of it as some football players and unrelated actors who went there to do do dolce vita and raise money. “ Benjamin The Lefteris Karchimakis, 28, lecturer of Political Sciences at the University of Leiden in The Hague, appears to be Benjamin of the Eurolist of PASOK. He is the son of Michael Karhimakis. Earnings and dividends – record, but the port of ferrying is crumbling! The PPA officially announced last Friday that the profits of 2023 reached 96.2 million euros with an increase of 28.8% and that it will split a dividend increased by 29% compared to 2022 enjoyed mainly by Chinese major shareholders. At the same time, however, increased profits are not invested in one of the most important sections of the port, the coastal arm. He is still in a miserable state despite being one of the country’s windows. Millions of passengers use it every year, this year we expect a new visitor record to the Greek islands, but the Chinese operate as if they are not responsible for the port of ferry! Someone has to warn them that other than containers and piers 1, 2 and 3, they’ve taken over the exploitation of the ferry arm and need serious investments. To leave the containers used as ticket publishers, clean the area and provide elementary services to travelers. ELTH: Great words, few works And after we said to deal with the ports today, the administration of the Port Authority of Thessaloniki (OLTH) appeared on a Sunday sheet and is trying to convince the inhabitants of the capital that it will finally make an investment! After so many years of concession, and so many thick words, there has been almost no serious intervention in the port, the largest in the Balkans, with the vast untapped spaces. In fact, the president of OLT Thanasis Liagos said that the French of Terminal Link are in charge of the port and not the (disappeared) Ivan Savvides who has frozen all the other investments he planned in the country. Should we then begin with French so that the substantial upgrading of the port can proceed? ELTH may not invest in Thessaloniki but decided to invest in Volos by offering twice as much as the second contender in the competition for the majority package of the Port of Volos Organization (OLB). If he follows the same plan, we have to worry about Volos! Ports without a train! In order to avoid unfair administration, Greece wants to become a hub without connecting the railway network with its major ports. We are still waiting for a contractor to be selected to connect pier six of the port of Thessaloniki to the railway network. With the minimum capacity possible, the connection to the port of Piraeus operates. The American Armed Forces had to come to see a train at the port of Alexandroupolis while the competition for upgrading the Alexandroupolis – Ormene department will for a long time remain swamped due to lack of funding. Because there are no strong factors supporting the railway in Greece, railway projects have the fate of Convention 717: either they never start or never end! What can the port investors do? They’re waiting for the train! Impression movements, not substance! What is happening on the railway, which is now in the forefront of the Tembe tragedy, sees citizens and considers successive governments to have promoted measures of impression rather than substance. The same can be said of so many other areas that have been in the news for the last two years. Another example? Accuracy! Professor Kostas Kostis in yesterday’s Daily for baby milk is right to wonder: “How many times has the issue of infant milk been brought to the surface in the past without a lasting solution being given. Is the lobby of producers and product dealers so strong? Why are they not forced to invoice with the logic of the average European price of a product? And I am not talking about fuel…”. The perennial against Gregory Constantine with the Holy Synod There is no end to the dispute between the mayor of Varis Voulas Vouliagmenis Gregory Constantellos with the Holy Synod on the exploitation of church property in Kavouri. Constantellos did not hesitate to mess with the government and powerful entrepreneurs, as happened in the case of the investment planned by Hines and Henderson in a former property of the Benaki Museum. He seems to have worked it out with the two foreign investors, but he’s still in the knives with the church about the huge real estate he owns in Kavuri and other parts of the municipality. The mayor announces that he will not approve of the construction of a large property that Petraki Monastery has put out in competition until almost one third is granted to the municipality for green development. The church, for its part, goes undamaged and carries to the investor the city building of the property to be granted. The show will continue as shown by what is happening with the first property granted by the church in the area, without until now having become a step of exploitation.