The STERGIOS PREPEVEZIS Talk to NEWSIT REASONS FOR THE SYMBOLS who threw his shoe to George Papandreou

    Grant and Colfax, Our Nation’s Choice Politics
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    (Title)  ‘We have announced that they will throw the our shoes,”says Mr. Stergios Prepevezis. He adds that it was a political move.

    The man who threw the shoe to the Prime Minister in the early afternoon, talked to NEWSIT. Leaflets handed out”We declare that as Patriotic Front that the Prime Minister is undesirable in Thessaloniki. Persona non grata on how to manage national issues and the economy,”stresses.

    Mr Prepevezis, physician and coordinator of the Patriotic Front, explained that there would be the only one who would do this movement, but became so because the prime minister last minute route change and was a major police mobilization.

    ”I was in the courtyard of the International Exhibition and gave an interview to the BBC for the demonstrations we have planned against acts IMF. I saw the Prime Minister to go out and do press releases. I was faster than security personnel, took off my shoe and threw it away. I managed to get within range. I had to succeed Prime Minister. It was a symbolic gesture to a policy that is against the interests of the people”emphasizes characteristics.

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