The shocking North Water series exclusively in Cinobo

Andrew Haig’s exciting series (Unknown Among Us), whole and exclusively in . The director of “Unknown Among Us”, Andrew Haig, lures us on a survival trip to the Arctic Circle, in an exciting mini-series of 6 BBC episodes, based on the novel of Ian McGuire. Colin Farrell and Jack O’Connell lead an excellent cast that brings alive an epic story about humanity and atonement. 1859. Patrick Sumner ranks in “Volunteer” as the ship’s surgeon, hoping to be left to the ferocity of his whaling trip to the Arctic. But the roughness of nature brings with it that of the crewmen and, in particular, Drax, a beastly and acacist. When the real purpose of the mission becomes clear, the inevitable conflict between the two men breaks out – leading them on a journey away from the security of land and culture. As quoted in his note by director Andrew Heig, “a large part of filming took place north of the Svalbard archipelago, with the cast and crew working exclusively off the Arctic Ocean. Ian McGuire’s novel illustrates the wild beauty of the Arctic environment and I knew I should try to attribute the same realism to the series. Despite obvious difficulties and challenges, we concluded that shooting in the Arctic was the best option to achieve this goal. I wanted us all to feel the cold wind, the chilly cold. I wanted to capture this fear caused when you are away from everything familiar, away from culture,” director Andrew Haig concludes in his note. Factors Creator : Andrew Heig Directed : Andrew Heig Starring : Jack O’Connell, Colin Farrell, Sam Spruel, Roland Meller, Stephen Graham Number of episodes: 6 Country : United Kingdom, Canada