“The school we want for our children…”

    On the occasion of the new school year, where thousands of children pass for the first time…
    threshold of the school, in our city, in a primary school hundreds of children’s souls begin the journey of knowledge for another year at 92nd Elementary School of Thessaloniki. What happened at 92nd Elementary school, it’s something special that honors and highlights the healthy private initiative.
    One of the largest companies in the country, the Coca Cola 3E with the program “The school you want” after a vote chose the particular school, in order to improve the broader school environment, painting rooms, remodeling the outdoors and, more generally, bringing a breath of freshness to the space, characteristics which are certainly in these difficult economic times, the public school, unfortunately, it is difficult to carry out. As a parent I can only congratulate this move, and I would be pleased, respectively, if the vote wins and the school my own child.
    For me it is a bright example and I wish to follow and others from the wider Greek business community, as we all know that’s not easy in our time to be carried out such actions without support. I close with the wish that all children have the school of their dreams and let us have in the future more such actions. The children are the future of our country and the proper education the case of all of us.