The republic and the “paved” political careers

Writes the Hostage Ταχμαζίδης
There are people living in “uncertain” and unpredictable: this may be… due to the nature, but is a result of the conditions within which flow the life. There are lives “planned” in advance: the road which attempts to walk someone’s already “paved” – the start is done with the best conditions and obstacles εμπραγμάτωσης objectives are minimal. The policy of the country in the pre-defined and “littered” political careers is the rule: take care of the status of the οικογενειοκρατίας that cowers the political life of the country.
The only “assessment” in the littered careers is the infamous “vote of the people”, which she totally “smooth”, because of the electoral systems, results in a confirmation of the options on the οικογενειοκρατικού scheme. The knuckle career is overlaid with a veneer of democratic legitimacy: the choice, however, is determined mostly by the manner and procedure of election of the representatives in the national parliament. The focal point here is the electoral system and the various “election” laws, which, primarily, are cut and sewn for the play of the οικογενειοκρατίας and the perpetuation of partisan fiefdoms.
The “knuckle” political career implies an undemocratic and stencil system of choice: any offspring of οικογενειοκρατίας aware of the operation of the scheme and of this knowledge is nourished and the arrogance of the face of the politics of the place.
And it pops up in public, with audacity and political naivety, that bombastic “I am ready to rule”.
Homer Ταχμαζίδης is a member of the E.C. “a Socialist Perspective”