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The recipe of the Day: Μακεδονίτικα pies

Ingredients for the ζύμη2 sachets dry μαγιά3 cup. Greek coffee σπορέλαιο1½ tsp. ζάχαρη2 tsp. αλάτι2 glasses of milk χλιαρό2 αυγά7-8 cup. flour for all χρήσεις1 egg yolk for άλειμμαγια the γέμιση700γρ. petit point (white cheese)2 αυγάφρεσκοτριμμένο πιπέριΔιαβάστε the continuation of the recipe here: Recipes from the Cooklos

for the dough
2 sachets of dry yeast
3 cup. Greek coffee seed oil
1½ tsp. sugar
2 tsp. salt
2 cups milk, lukewarm
2 eggs
7-8 cup. all-purpose flour
1 egg yolk for brushing
for the filling
700gr. petit point (white cheese)
2 eggs
freshly ground pepper
Read more of the recipe here: Recipes from the Cooklos

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