BIG WARNING: If you see something , immediately notify the fire department.

Resurfacing for even a summer’s fires in various parts of Greece. We must all together to be….
careful not to this situation continues, and burned areas of Greece, with a result disastrous for the future.
The environment we have to take care of and there is a way:
– NEVER throw flammable materials in fields and rubbish as they may catch fire
-NEVER do a welding torch next to fields or weeds
-Don’T light fires to cook the days with air
-Do NOT throw cigarettes from the car
-Check often around us if there is a forest or a field, or weeds, etc. to track down in time a fire before it gets out.
-Notify ALWAYS the fire department in case you see a fire anywhere as well as might not be perceived by others
-If you see strange movements near forest etc don’t any and is someone who intends to burn the place down