The president of Bolivia proposed to the Pope to make use of… coca

    An unexpected gift received by Pope Francis from the president of Bolivia… Evo Morales, with whom he met at the Vatican.
    After the special cross, made in the shape of a σφυροδρέπανου, had given it a few months ago, Morales has been donated to the pontiff of books with a central theme of the… coca leaves.
    The president of Bolivia was not limited to one, but gave to the primate of the roman Catholic Church three volumes in color black, gray, and green and with titles such as “Coke, a biological bank”, “Coke, diet cytogenetics” and “Coke against obesity”.
    Morales explained, indeed, in Pope Francis that he does use and he feels very well and introduced me to the head of the Holy see to follow his example to cope with the difficulties of life.
    “I take and I do a lot of good. I highly recommend it, because that will you get on in life”, added Morales, the coca leaves are grown and sold legally in Bolivia.
    Pope Francis, according to Italian press reports he thanked the president of Bolivia for the gift, without, however, it has become well-known if you follow his advice.
    Of course, with the return from Bolivia last July, he explained to the journalists who asked him about it, he refused to chew coca leaves that had been offers.
    From the side, however, the Pope opted for a more neutral gift for Morales, giving it a symbol of San Martino and a couple of books with a central theme of love and repentance.
    All three books are donated by the Morales to the Pope

    The particular cross had given it a few months ago