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(Title) the rhythm of the timing of the next NATO Summit in Lisbon (19-20 November) is moving now Skopje, as well as maintaining the pendency of the name did not allow the EU to take Decision day before yesterday at the summit to begin accession negotiations with PGDM.Megalo question mark for Athens remains the final position that will keep the Prime Minister of FYROM N. Gruevski, who so far seems to invest in hard political line. It is no coincidence that the Greek government on his own initiative by Prime Minister Papandreou chose to try even a parallel channel of communication with the leadership of Skopje for the investigation of its intentions.
So, in consultation with the Skopje Prime Minister was authorized to informal meetings on the Greek side of PASOK MEP and close adviser to Prime Minister Marilena Koppa and Skopje side former negotiator Martin Protogker.

If that bring results, they would be informed by official negotiators Mr. Matthew Nimetz, to prepare a proposal on the basis of convergence was in the background so to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Personal Representatives of the two prime ministers held a series of meetings where informally explored the possibilities of achieving convergence of positions.
There was no more than six appointments to see the Greek side, the absolute intransigence of Skopje, so that a parallel process to end ingloriously .
It is nevertheless significant that in these meetings, the Skopje side seemed rather reluctant to accept the proposed name “Republic of Northern Macedonia”, but did not exclude other names (causing more easily confused) as the “Republic of Vardar Macedonia “, without specifying whether it is accepted as a basis for discussion and the version« Vardarska Make-donija ».
indication of the unreliability of the Skopje side is that while it was running this informal consultation, Mr Gruevski public statements complained of Greece that, among other things requires the abandonment of ‘ethnicity’ of.

In fact now expected the activation of Matthew Nimetz, to call for the two negotiators and Mr. Vassilakis Giolefski to create a climate for a new proposal this summer to allow sufficient time to be submitted to a referendum in Skopje any agreement before the NATO summit in November.
NATO things are very more difficult for Skopje, as there is clear and explicit consensus position of the Bucharest Summit that we should resolve the name issue in order to allow Macedonia to join the Alliance. Of particular interest however is the position expressed by the Skopje Prime Minister Gruevski Law in an interview on «Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung», where among other points that the country needs guarantees that after a solution to the name, Greece will not rise again its veto in the EU for opening of accession negotiations or the actual integration of Macedonia into the EU, demanding it change the “Macedonians identity, language and nationality».


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Part one of episode: Potkali se u Kolina Between 1965 and 1967, Czechoslovakian animator Bretislav Pojar made a series of six shorts called Hey Mister, Let’s Play. The mostly stop-motion cartoons star two bears-one smart, the other not so much. Pojar made five more episodes featuring the same bears in the early-1970s, this time calling it Who Threw That, Gentlemen?. This video is the first short-“Potkali se u Kolina” (“How They Met At Kolin”)-which introduces the characters. The cartoon is over forty years old yet it looks as fresh and vital as any cartoon being produced today. How did they ever manage to create something with so much charm and appeal? It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, and director Pojar and designer Miroslav Stepanek make it all look so effortless. The animation of the characters is particularly fun to watch with stylized movement and graphic inventiveness abound. Video Rating: 4 / 5