The more ergonomic room in the world

The rooms in the Zoku Loft Amsterdam more reminiscent of small apartments and… the smart design allows them to utilize every inch of the 24 square meters.
Each room has a large bed, large windows, kitchen table and couch. The kitchen is fully equipped, the cabinet is “hidden” under the bed and even the staircase that leads to it is drawn for use and can be stored when not in use.
The hotel has 133 rooms that appeal to people travelling for business reasons and visitors who will stay several days in the Dutch capital.
The Zoku Loft will open next year and has predicted even for those who don’t want to omit the exercise from everyday life, as it has rings hanging from the ceiling!
The stay costs from 146 dollars a night for the small rooms while there and the Zoku Loft XL with an area of 30 square meters and the Zoku Loft XXL for four guests, with an area of 46 square meters and cost 219 dollars a night.